Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday! YAY! I get to do laundry, dishes, shopping...oh.

I know, I know... complain when it's Monday, complain when it's Friday... I don't mean too. I just have an abnormal amount of things to do this weekend!

Today I get off work at 2pm. I need to quickly run to HyVee and get 3 or 4 things, then to Dillons to get pasta, chicken (.99 per lb!), and cheese ($1.67 per bag!). Then I have to run home, throw it all in the fridge and get my buns to Eudora by 3pm to pick up Milo for his doctor's appointment. It's a shot appointment. I'm not happy. Milo will be even less so. I may take him out for frozen yogurt afterward just to make him happy. I know I have years to practice, but I really don't handle parental guilt well.

Once we get home, Milo gets to help mommy clean the house! We have company coming! Grandma Carla, Aunt Shelby & Uncle Jack are coming for a visit. Milo and I have a nice system of "pick up." I put Milo in a laundry basket, tie a scarf to it, and I drag him around the house and throw things in the basket that need to be picked up. Milo loves it because he gets to ride in his chariot and because he knows he's helping. Then there are times when we just throw him in a basket and whip him around the living room because he laughs hysterically and it's funny. He's also quite accomplished at laundry!

My big helper!

Saturday... I'm in pain when I think about my Saturday.

6am : Get up and make sour cream pancakes and eggs for everyone!
7am : Farmer's Market (I need honey!)
8am : Dillons for groceries
8:30am: Checkers for produce
9am : Aldis for canned groceries
9:30am : Home - Commence cooking!
Meals to prep include: Broccoli cheese soup x2 for week long lunches, steak fingers with gravy & mashed potatoes, double cheese pizza, orange chicken, turkey meatballs & taco soup! THERE SHALL BE PICTURES & RECIPES!!!
12pm : Shower, change & take off for the library
1pm : Meet my cultural psych class group to go over our project. We'll spend half our time arguing with a single group member and the other half actually working... seriously, every time the guy opens his mouth to draw breath this happens to the rest of us:

Except that we voluntarily do it to ourselves.

The self inflicted pain is the only thing that keeps me from becoming violent.

After that, I'm home free! If I can get all the cooking done before I go, I can spend the rest of the day hanging with my family. I'm confident this can happen if two things occur.

#1, I get an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. I'm temped to haul Daniel (my husband, if I haven't mentioned that) in with me and make him chop things. We NEVER get to play in the kitchen together because one of us always has to entertain Milo. Not with three other people in the house!

#2, Someone HAS to entertain Milo. It is supposed to be pretty nice out tomorrow, so hopefully Jack and Shelby will want to play outside with him a bunch. I swear, he could live out there if we let him.

Milo & mommy getting our outdoor love on.

 From there it's just an uphill climb through mountains of laundry until Sunday when I have a double header! We start at 4pm. I'm actually really happy because my mommy is going to be there to cheer me on! I know that sounds silly, but she hasn't seen me play in about 8 years now. I'll try to make her proud. I don't think my brother and sister have EVER seen me play, so that should be interesting.

Anyhoo... that's the update! We'll see how it goes, but I can promise loads of pictures and awesome recipes. Peace out, y'all! 


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