Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Funday. Wait, what?

Okay, so traditionally speaking, Monday is not really a fun day. It's the back to work day. The no more going to bed at midnight day. The I have to actually wear something other than yoga pants day. Historically speaking, no good comes of Monday.

This is why I believe we must look at the week ahead! Forge a bright anticipatory path! So, here we go!

Tonight: Cheesy Chicken Orzo from and a softball game at 9:15pm. However, having injured my hand at last night's game, I will ban myself to the outfield instead of my beautiful third base.Temp: 72 degrees

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Tuesday: Drunken Italian Noodles from and massive class reading for Thursday. Blarg. Forecasted Temp: 73 degrees

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Wednesday: Moroccan Style Braised Chicken Breasts from and my weekly writing assignment due for class. Forecasted Temp: 47 - OUCH

Thursday: It's a leftovers/ramen/breakfast night! Mommy heads to class while Milo & daddy sweep the cupboards and fridge for sustenance. Forecasted Temp: 44 - DOUBLE OUCH

Friday-Sunday: I just received word that I may get a visit from my mother and siblings this weekend, so I'm not entirely sure yet what I'm going to do about food. I'll be feeding 6 people instead of 2.5, so I need to put in some thought. Forecasted Temp: 49, 59 & 73 - Never let it be said that Kansas weather is consistent

In addition! I have officially launched my first business! Budget Bags! This will be a personal grocery shopping service for the folks in my area. I know, crazy right? Not so! I know several folks who have multiple kids, jobs, commitments & don't have the time to budget or shop the way they want too. Now they can! If you are in the Lawrence, KS area and know someone who could use my services, please pass this information along!

Snappy, huh?

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